Music for Diving

5 albums that you should use to accompany your photos, dub over you videos and generally own.

For your eyes only..

1) Andy Mckee – The gates of Gnomeria

Chilled acoustic guitar, one man that plays like an ensemble creating bass, percussion, catchy riffs blended into a mellow fantasia.

2) The Black Keys – Magic Potion

Rooted in blues and riff heavy rock magic potion is gritty, raw and stodgy. This is vulgar music but with a deep, wild and tenacious heart. Makes you want to grow a handlebar moustache.

3)  The Maccabees – Colour it in

upbeat Brit splendidness from the Maccabees. ‘Latchmere’ and ‘about your dress’ are my personal faves. So darn catchy i dare you not to tap your foot.

4) Bedouin Soundclash – Sounding a Mosaic

To call Bedouin Soundclash a reggae band would be a gross understatement. Their spare drums and guitar lineup give them a dry edge reminiscent of Cure. However there is meat and potato reggae grooves with minimum fuss and maximum hooks. Very highly recommended.

5) Ben Howard – Every Kingdom

I cannot give enough praise to this guy. Not only good songs but a great album. Never has ‘all killer, no filler’ been more relevant. So what can you expect from Ben, encapsulating vocals, powerful surges of accoustic driven goodness and poetic lyrics. Surely greatness awaits for him?

What do you listen to, edit your movies and picture to? let me know at Super Scuba since i’d love to know                                 




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