Dolphins – Murderous rapists?

Dolphins are one of my favourite marine animals. Intelligent, graceful and always smiling, these playful creatures hold a firm place in many peoples hearts. I’ve also assumed that dolphins are docile, friendly animals and I’m sure that you’ve all heard of stories in which dolphins are the heroes.

For example saving people stranded at sea, helping all sorts of people either wage the war on overcoming depression, illness and adversity as well as more bizarre and dubious fisherman’s wives tales.

However a little fishy has told me otherwise. Researchers have recently shed light on more disturbing findings. Bottle nose dolphins of the east coast of Scotland are now thought to be responsible for number of unexplained dead porpoises and baby dolphins, which are now rising…

After examining the bodies that theory was dismissed when the exact nature of the injuries was discovered, broken ribs, imploding lungs, damaged livers and massive internal bleeding, which could only be attributed to prolonged, focused attacks.

The teeth marks found were surprisingly identified as the dolphin being the culprit.
These “intelligent, sensitive and sociable creatures ” had just become the number one suspect in the brutal, unexplained and violent killings, which was later confirmed without a doubt by holiday tourists who happened to shoot two very shocking films.
One of those filmed was thought to originally show a dolphin fishing for salmon, but upon examination, it was found that the dolphin was brutally attacking a porpoise, its body spinning round with such force that its back was broken and its soft tissue shattered.

However, the murder of offspring is apparent in many species, e.g. African lions. Usually a lion will not kill its own cubs however male lions who take over another male’s territory (after winning a fight) will usually kill the other male’s cubs – this is to prevent the other male’s genes from being passed down, and also because the lioness will usually go into heat almost immediately (nature has made them do this so that if their cubs die, they can have another family to replace them). The males have learned that they can pass along their own genes by killing the cubs of their rivals. It’s not a nice thing to think about or watch, but that’s the way animals act in order to survive in the wild.

I accept that nature is a 2 sided coin and is brutal and harsh as well as being beautiful and brilliant and it wasn’t this that was disturbing.

What was disturbing is this. The internal organ damage is thought to have been caused by  the dolphins using there ultrasonic abilities to ‘tune in a frequency and amplitude to rupture internal vital organs’. Wow.

I’ll leave you to digest that in your own time.




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