Fish of the Week 2 – Multi-coloured Psychedelic Frog Fish

This frogfish is only found in the waters around Ambon Island, Indonesia and is remarkable not only for its crazy ‘fingerprint pattern’ which is unique to each fish but its ability to wander around on it pectoral fins like legs!

The psychedelic frogfish moves by walking on its pectoral fins over the sea floor and can also jet propel itself by blasting water through its gills. When doing so, the fish takes on a ball shape, and its behavior takes on that of a bouncing beach ball in the wind.

What’s also strange about this fish is that it has forward facing eyes, just like us, which gives it depth perception. This trait is extremely rare among fish and the eyes are situated on a flat face which can be extended to give the fish a look like its yawning.

Its relatively defenceless against predators apart from its camouflage which looks like certain species or coral. It also loves to cram itself into tiny crevices in order to hide.

All in all not the most interesting of fish, but I had to pick the frog fish this week after researching to the early hours of the morning and dying in fits of laughter at their gormless faces. Bless.



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