Fish of the Week – Leafy sea dragon

First of all an apology. I’m terribly sorry that this post is my first in a long while and that many of you have been left on tenterhooks for the latest FOTW. One can only imagine you hitting F5 repeatedly in the early hours expecting a new page to pop-up.

Well to compensate here is an absolute belter of a post about a strange and intriguing little beauty. Please enjoy.

Found along the southern and western coast of Australia, the leafy sea dragon (Glauerts seadragon) is exactly as you expect. Characterised by the leaf like protrusions that extend from the body it effectlivly mimics a strand of floating seaweed. Helped by the miniscule undulations it creates to move, detecting this little chap is a challenge.

Feeding mostly on plankton and tiny crustaceans they manage to grow to a size of 20-24cm (8-10 inches).

Like other members of the seahorse family the male is responsible for caring for fertilized eggs. The female lays up to 250 bright pink eggs and then transfers them to the males tail in order to be fertilized and carried until hatching, which takes around 9 weeks when the eggs turn orange in colour.

There you have it folks, another fish another week. As always any requests will be considered and most likely used 😉

Until next “week”



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