Become a Divemaster – 5 reasons to Go Pro

1) Education, Education, Education

Although it doesn’t take much effort to just pick up a book on Haldanean decompression theory. When you do you Divemaster course there is a lot more juicy knowledge to learn. If like me your a bit of freak and like to know the why and how about things then the theory covered in the course if enough to satisfy those urges (in the short term). Decompression theory, basic physics, geography, oceanography, human physiology and more are covered in the handbook as well as lots of helpful tips about ‘customer-centric’ 90’s buzzwords are included. Like a mentioned earlier, the course isn’t essential if you want to learn more about diving but a contributing factor to make it that bit more alluring.

2) Be a better diver

The course teaches you lots of things, but what I found really stuck out it how to be a better diver in a lot of aspects such as planning, safety, knowledge and technique. This is the next level however so distinguishing yourself from students in fairly essential. Any divemasters dredging the bottom or escaping to the surface doesn’t exactly install confidence in you students. As we all know, confidence is important in whatever you do as it makes your cool calm and collected with the ability to respond to problems and that’s what i like about this course. I feel in perfect control of myself, so i can now concentrate on others who want to take the plunge.

3) Explore the world

Being a divemaster has many perks. Discounted equipment prices, essentially diving for free with your dive shop of choice.However i feel the best perk is the ability to work and travel. You can dive anywhere and everywhere and a good divemaster is god send to the most skilled and talented of instructors regardless of where you are. So take 6 months off work and go and soak up the sea and sun in the Caribbean or chill out in Thailand. Take your pick.

4) Pass on your wisdom to the padawans. 

Teaching does appeal to me and i accept that its not everyones cup of tea. You can be a divemaster and just lead qualified divers but what a dull life you would lead. Jumping in with someone who is doing their discover scuba diving and watching them thrash about for that giddy half hour in the pool until they suck their tank dry is crack to me. Not to mention watching people complete open water qualifications is great. But hey, thats just me.

5) Dive lots and lots and lots.

4 dives a day enough. Discover scuba, leading and much more is enough to keep any diver occupied. Too much of a good thing is bad? wrong in this case my friend.


Hopefully i’ve inspired some, and put off others. I’ll see you down there.



4 responses to “Become a Divemaster – 5 reasons to Go Pro

  1. Plus your never given any respect until your a Divemaster, rescue diver really means nothing in the dive hierarchy, glad i’ve finally finished my Divemaster in order to become a more respected diver !!

    • Too true, although now master of recreational diving you’re still bottom of the pile when it comes to the pro side of things!

      Divemaster limbo

      • Yep but im not really looking to work in the dive industy, its mainly for work side of things, so really divemaster works from my side of things, and as a recreational diver, i think you learn so much becoming a dive master, just those darn yearly fees, that doesnt make it so worth while for rec divers!

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