Diving Gadgets/Accessories: Darkfin Gloves

I’m on a mission to find the coolest, weirdest and essential stuff for the diver ‘that has everything’. Which I know will be most of you. There’s only so many dangling goodies that you can fit on those d-rings, so why settle for boring, mundane and inefficient junk?

First up is the ingenious Darkfin gloves. Not just your average gloves, considering darkfin claims it can increase the surface area of your hands by upto 70%, which is kinda cool. However I’m sure many of you, like me, are traditionalists and that flailing using your hands is an inefficient propulsion method compared to the graceful, streamlined finning methods.

Regardless of this, I can definitely see some benefits for snorkelling, people not so comfortable under the water and the more obvious uses such as surfing, body boarding etc.

If your interested be sure to check out the website at http://www.darkfingloves.com/ for these and other snazzy accessories.

N.B. Norfolk (UK) residents need not apply 😉



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