Diving Bucket List – Marine Creatures

I’m sure and hope that you have at least heard of bucket lists and that many of you have lists of your own. Its basically a list of things to do before you die and here are a select few from mine:

  • Earn my motorcycle licence
  • Watch the Spanish classico (Barcelona v Real Madrid) live
  • Go to tomatina (tomato festival)

This got me to thinking about a diving specific bucket list which I’m going to break down into sections e.g. dream dive sites, fantasy live aboards, fantasy equipment etc.

However this series of lists is going to be kicked of with creatures, great and small.

1) Whale Shark

Despite hanging around on Koh Tao (Thailand) for 2 weeks last year in the perfect season, I still wasn’t able to catch even a fleeting glimpse of the worlds biggest fish. Gigantic and majestic I think that this would feature on just about every ones’ list. But i will find it and when I do, count me happy.

2) Great White Shark

I’ve dived with several species of shark before and another species will appear on this list. However the big daddy has got to be the Great White. Myth and fear shrouds this creature and portrays it as a ferocious man eater. What more of thrill could a man want. Imagine it gliding out of the haze, the perfect predator. Forget chum and taste the sweet meats of a organically grown Brit with bomb strapped to his back. Yummy.

3) Hammerhead Sharks

I’m not necessarily a shark freak however do love a bit of shark week. I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen pictures or footage of massive groups of hammerheads prowling as one, silhouetted against the light as it trickles down from the surface. Or better yet, the moonlight. It’s enough to get my heart racing just thinking about it. If I ever get a chance to do it, the dive would be one of the most memorable ever.

4) Mola Mola (Sunfish)

What a freak this one is! It looks like someone has plucked the fins off and popped them back on in a most awkward position 😀 Its also pretty big and can reach a hefty 1000kg (2200 pounds). Just a funny looking fish, bless, which would make me rocket through my cylinder as I laughed in its flat face.

There we have it! Have i missed anything out? What would your top 3 be? Let me know in the comments below!

Stay narked 😉





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