More lovely music for your lovely ears (for diving…)

Welcome back everyone!

I just want you to get involved in these next 3 bands. More stunning music which means more more stunning videos. See what i did there. Band names first, then album/E.P./record names just because there will be a few of these which have awesome names but difficult to discern band name for other.


1) Egyptian Hip Hop – Some Reptiles grow wings

Gentle warbling from the Cairo/Manchester set up. Soft guitar riff with a touch of what originally made bands like the Foals hot hot hot.

stand out song – Rad Pitt

2) The Glitch Mob – We can make the world stop / Drink the Sea

As the bands name intended this is some epic electronic wisdom from a 3 piece set up from LA. The genre of music is specifically ‘glitch hop’. If your wondering what it sounds like, imagine chilled out dubstep without whining vocals. If you can’t imagine that then get onto youtube and check out the stand out song – Animus Vox

3) Maybeshewill – Not for want of trying

Another band without vocals. No worries however as there’s more than enough goodness to wrap your ears around.

The stand out song – He films the clouds Pt. 2 is for me more like a great musical score from a film with it melodic pianos and grainy guitars makes for a brilliant listen.

WARNING – possession of a good set of headphones and this album may cause time to rapidly jump forward without listener realising!

Enjoy, expand and explore!

What do you think, comment below 😀



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