3 modifications to make your life easier!

Just a quick post really about a few minor modifications that everyone should make to their gear (in my humble opinion). A couple of gadgets just to make you life a little bit easier, to make your weekend run that much smoother and therefore make it more enjoyable 🙂

1) Magnetic Octopus Holder

Ever since I purchases this little bad boy It’s made positioning my octopus a breeze. I hate having it down by the side and i think that those clips are a bit fiddly and awkward at times…

However with this magnet solution it’s strong enough to stay in place say if you were doing a giant stride entry and come away easy enough for a diver in need. Not too expensive and i picked mine up in a diving goody bad…sweet!

2) Bungee/ Spring fin straps

The best thing since sliced bread, no exaggeration! No more faffing and kerfuffling down by the quayside or on the deck. On and off in record time with minimal effort and especially handy at the end of a tiring dive when the only thing you want to do is get out! I’ve personally got the Mares bungee straps for the trusty quattro’s and havent noticed any slackening in about 6 month. Get some variation of this strap NOW!

3) Alternate mouthpiece

After about 30mins underwater I get a tired jaw and i you do as well, I think nothing less of you my friend. To overcome this I got a different mouth piece that was soft, and more importantly wasn’t to big/small for my hurty mouth! I feel like a sales rep for Mares but the ‘Liquid skin’ mouth piece is excellent and now i don’t feel any discomfort at all. Other alternatives speaking to some of my friends seem to be ‘Apeks comfortable mouthpiece’ and the diversly named ‘ Atomic comfortable mouthpiece’ also being safe bets 🙂

Hopefully after reading this you will see the light and rush to your nearest reputable dive shop for these great goodies!

Anything I’ve missed? Of course there is! So please comment below and share your best modifications to make you life easier.





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