Strictly come dancing…Underwater!

Normally I avoid Sport Relief on the BBC for several reasons. Mostly the overwhelming guilt that I feel watching the short videos of increasingly tragic stories of people in the UK or abroad. Having travelled a fair amount I have come into contact with poverty of this magnitude first hand and I’m well aware of the situations of many here in the UK be it mental or physical problems.

Regardless of the depressing scenes as I flicked over I saw dancing. Not ballroom or street but underwater. Any thing SCUBA I will watch and I must say that I actually enjoyed the 2 sections of the show which involved celebs strutting their stuff underwater.

It was surprising watch as the dancing was in fact graceful at points and really good to watch. Needless to say, bugger that new set of regs and hello new sparkly rhinestone shirt and trouser combo!

Stay fabulous darlings,


p.s. If you’ve got the time, check out the Sport Relief website and see what it’s all about.


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