Diving Gadgets/Accessories: Amphibious Fins

Nothing says ‘classy diver’ like face-planting on the quayside due to flopping over a fin. Personally I find it annoying having to waddle sideways holding onto your mask and reg when approaching your entry point but I always do, because its safe.

Face plant

Also after my recent weekend at Stoney Cove with my buddy managing to kick in his Go Pro camera in of the entry point…twice due to fins, I thought there must be an easier way than this! As always when I come up with a killer idea, it’s already been thought of. However I thought I’d share the love regardless.

Amphibious fins are fins that solve all the problems for mobility on land. Currently, like elephant seals, divers are clunky, ungraceful, fumbling buffoons on land yet once in the water we are in our element. To combat this, the idea of fins on which the fin part itself folds upwards, leaving only the boot sole area in contact with the floor is genius. Gone are the days of stumbling and almost dying on a dive by dive basis.

Imaging on a dive boat with rough conditions staggering across deck to enter! Yes you could argue that you could put them on in the water but what an effort and it’s more risky with no form of propulsion. Again on packed RIB with people flapping all over each others fins, pinning you down. Nightmare.

I think this is a great idea and can’t see why it hasn’t taken off big style. Maybe they’re more expensive and maybe it’s not that much hassle to take a bit of extra care when entering. Regardless, we are but human and mistakes do happen. With these fins, mistakes and injuries can be reduced! Simple, elegant and improving diver safety while preserving all your good looks! Winner.



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