Diving Gadgets/Accessories: Personal Submarine

I’ve been loving researching all these gadget goodies and out of respect for James Cameron’s recent descent to the bottom on the Mariana trench (deepest point on earth), I have picked what I admit is a little far-fetched. However say i won the Euro millions lottery these would be high on the list for me!

As a newly appointed multi-millionaire the sea faring vessel of choice of course is the lavish super-yacht (skimpy clad bikini girls/budgie smuggler donning Abercrombie & Fitch models not included). However imagine mooring up UNDERWATER and ascending amongst these mere commoners in your own private sub! Boom.

“How much are these going to set me back, I hear you cry as you scrabble around looking for your wallet. Well my friend I’ve found a few which may take your fancy. Here are my top 3 private subs in no particular order.

1) Ocean Pearl

Ocean Pearl

  • Cost: £1.5 million ($2.5 million US)
  • Max Depth: 900m (3000ft)
  • Life support: 6 hours

Look at this beauty! The pearl is named after it’s bubble structure on top which houses the submariner. It’s positively buoyant so will only sink if you command it to do so, avoiding any awkward uncontrolled plummets to the briny depths. Available in multiple colours means that I’m definitely getting a black one and dubbing her ‘The Black Pearl’ furthering me on my quest to become Jack Sparrow!

Even cooler is that you can have a robotic arm slapped on for a little bit extra. Why not? You’re filthy rich and don’t want to be left empty handed when your battling Sharktopusses and Krakens.

2) DeepFlight Super Falcon

DeepFlight Super Falcon

  • Cost: £1 million ($1.7million US)
  • Max depth: 300m (1000ft)
  • Life support: 24 hrs

Can’t quite afford the ocean pearl? No worries because the DeepFlight Super Falcon (what a name by the way) is the sub for you. Priced at a very reasonable £1 million and with much better life support than the Ocean Pearl you can go deeper for longer. A benefit on the Falcon is that now you can take your best friend to his/her watery grave as well as you since it sports a additional pod. Another plus point in my opinion is that it looks like a Jet fighter and with collapsible wings reminds me of the F14 Tomcats. Aquatic Maverick and Goose signing off.

3) Phoenix 1000

  • Price: £56 million ($90 million)
  • Max depth: 300m (1000ft)
  • Life support: 7 days

The previous subs are mere trinkets to this 65m (213ft) behemoth. With a max underwater capacity of 20 people and an interior space of 460 square meter (5000 square feet) there’s more than enough space to throw a party or two. If this isn’t enough, this sub comes with a mini sub…subception! This minisub is capable of runs down to 610m (2000ft) and also acts as a handy escape capsule (but only holds 8 people :S so choose wisely!) If that wasn’t enough there’s also a capsule for divers to enter and exit the sub with an optional decompression chamber.

The life support is also amazing and the sub can make the trans-atlantic journey no problem! Rough waters aren’t a problem as the sub can descend below the waves for a hassle free ride and with stabilising features makes for a vomit free journey.

So when your struggling to spend your mountains of cash, take a minute to consider the personal sub…the gentlemen’s transport of choice.




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