Music for diving 3

Sorry of my absence dear readers, busy and exciting events are stirring in Norfolk of which i am a part and these have had my undivided attention recently. However, I know my priorities and top of my list is you! 

Music is a massive part of myself and thanks to all around music know it all Tom Maddocks (find his blog at I’ve found a few diamonds among the glass imitations.I hope your logged onto You tube or iTunes to listen as you read. Mostly electronic in style this time but even if you don’t like electronic normally I urge you listen. You will not regret it!

1) Submotion Orchestra 

This band was only put to me yesterday and are now the only thing I will listen to for at least a week. A 7 piece set up from Leeds, Submotion Orchestra draw upon dub step, soul, ambient electronica, jazz and dub and the liquid vocals provided by the unfairly gifted Ruby Wood give me mindgasms. Bass heavy with tasty trumpet and keyboard kicks provide the perfect platform for the voice to shine. 

Listen to ‘Always’ first. 

2) Bonobo

Well well well, what have we got here then. Only Simon Green aka. Bonobo riling me up will giddy pleasure as little bips of serotonin are released at the mellow future jazz goodness he provides in spades. Buy the back catalogue, designate an afternoon and enjoy, as I have. 

Listen to ‘Kiara’ first.

3) The XX

If you haven’t heard of the XX, where have you been since they took music by storm in 2009. Simple and satisfying with catchy guitars and skeletal bass lines it is by all means addictive listening. They make music making sound so so easy as the sounds they produce ripple across the airwaves as if a stone had been cast into a pond.  

Listen to ‘Crystallised’ first. 

That’s it for another one boys and girls. As always, suggestions, comments and any type of feedback is always more than welcome. And remember to check out Toms blog for more music goodness and find out what he’s getting upto!




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