Underwater Flight – Aqualung Oceanwings

Mention free diving within any SCUBA circle and you’re sure to earn yourself a couple of raised eyebrows and incredulous scoffs. ‘Who is this traitor in out midst, to deviate away from the one true underwater sport?!

There is, in my opinion, a rift separating the two sports which I’m going to do my best to close. Free diving is an amazing sport and something which I would like to learn more about and practice. This is why for this equipment article I’m going to focus on a new and intriguing design for a new exposure suit purpose built for even more freedom underwater, the Aqua Lung Oceanwing.

Bridging the gap between sea and sky, the Oceanwings suit features the same extra material between the legs and attaching the arms to the body. Similar to the super popular Squirrel Suit design, favoured by skydivers and base jumpers, t provides extra resistance while falling through the water, offering the diver extra maneuverability, ability to better control descent rate and to glide laterally over a greater distance.

Initially the design seemed strange to me, why would I want to slow my descent when it’s slow to begin with? How much weight do you need to have to still be able to achieve that sense of ‘free falling’ to actually make the suit worth wearing? How much breath holding capability do you need to use the suit and the dive times possible etc.

After watching this video however I think the benefits are made clear as you can see the diver soars over the various rock formations effortlessly. All in all a great idea and I hope i get to try it out one day!

Aqualung Oceanwing


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