Welcome to Narked Scuba, the mindless musings of a twenty something SCUBA instructor.

Who’s the powerful intellect behind this welcome break, I hear you cry?

Born and raised in Norfolk,England, I suppose I have to link my passion for being underwater with the Broads. All jokes about webbed hands and feet aside, the Norfolk broads is a hub of all things water. The first time I dived was on holiday in the Maldives. Only being 12 at the time I didn’t realise that the Maldives offers some of the best diving on the planet, but ignorance is bliss, and was instantly hooked. This passion has waxed and waned but now proudly stands front and center and led me to the decision to eventually become an instructor.

Aside from diving, I love playing and watching most sports. Rugby and football being the top 2.

2 things i love:

  • Smoked mackerel and mash potato
  • Lying diagonally in a double bed

3 things I hate:

  1. being late
  2. crabs
  3. snoring

enjoy Narked Scuba!


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